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Are you ready to try Kayak Surfing?

By Lee Richardson Get Yourself Ready To Surf Beach Break Surfing in your kayak can seem like a distant and sometimes unattainable goal. How do you know when you are ready to take that first trip? Before you go out you will need to refine some surf strokes and your roll. You should have experience with launching and landing in the surf zone, a little […]

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How to pick a kayak

Choosing the right Kayak for your needs The most important question to ask yourself when you go to pick a kayak is what your intended use will be for it. This question will help you to decide what type of boat you are looking for, the material it is made from, the amount of storage space in the boat etc. Recreational and light touring expeditions […]

are you a white water paddler

Are you a Whitewater Kayaker?

By Tanner Ockenden  Whitewater Kayaker: The Scents of Adventure So you think you’re a whitewater kayaker? You love rivers and the idea of plummeting down through turbulent waters excites you rather than terrifies you. If this sounds like you then you might be a whitewater kayaker, but there are a few clear signs to know for sure. White water kayaking is a sensory overload in […]

what to wear kayaking

What to wear kayaking

What does appropriate clothing to wear kayaking look like? We all want to get out and enjoy the water without having to worry about the dangers or what-if’s that come along with being a paddler. There is something romantic about being able to spontaneously load up your kayak and launch into the ocean, onto a river, or into a lake to explore for the day. […]

Gore-Tex clothing care

How to care for Goretex

Proper maintenance and care for Goretex and other waterproof fabrics We all love our Goretex on the west coast – or should we say wet coast. There is always that fear, however, of being out on the trail when the rain kicks in and as you look down at your sleeve you notice some of the drops absorbing rather than beading up. So what can […]

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SUP in Victoria and surrounding areas

Get out on the water and SUP in Victoria and Vancouver Island at some of our favourite places to stand up and paddle There are numerous places to get out on the water around Vancouver Island and we could go on and on for days with ideas of where to get out there but we will try to limit it to three spots around Victoria. […]


How to Plan a Whitewater Kayaking Trip

By Graham Litman Being prepared BEFORE you go on a whitewater kayaking trip As someone who grew up on Vancouver Island I was always interested in learning to paddle rivers but never knew how to get into the sport. For a place with so many quality runs, whitewater kayaking is a surprisingly underground sport on Vancouver Island. Hopefully this post will make the learning curve […]

Top 5 Rivers Near Victoria

Top 5 Rivers Near Victoria by Graham Litman 5. Cowichan, Marie Canyon (Class 3, 1.5 hours) The Cowichan is the South Island’s bread and butter run. It’s fairly  free of major hazards, has fun play spots, and warm water (Cowichan supposedly means “the warm land” in Coast Salish). The Cowichan is runnable at almost 365 days of the year, due to a weir at Cowichan […]

Paddling With Warm Hands

Hand Wear for Paddling   Every paddler has a different opinion of what constitutes the best way to keep your hands warm while paddling. Of course, a lot of the decision is based on the conditions you expect to be paddling in. It is because of the varying conditions when paddling that you will probably end up owning a couple or even several pairs of […]

Kayak Camping

Kayak Camping Gear List

All the Kayak Camping Gear You Will Need and Some You Won’t Like everything, choosing what camping gear to take depends on a number of things, probably none of them as significant as personal preference.  What you will take and how much will also be determined by how long your trip is, where you are going and the carrying capacity of your kayak.  Kayaks, especially […]

kayaking gear

Kayaking Gear List

The Paddling Gear You Need to Have, the Paddling Gear You Should Have The following gear lists itemize the equipment you need to carry with you whenever you paddle and other items you should consider carrying depending on the route you have planned and the time you will be out.  For more detailed information on the basic gear you are required to carry see our […]

Good Place for a Rudder

Rudders or Skegs? Which Way to Turn?

The Rudder/Skeg Debate, Is One System Better? There has always been a debate surrounding rudders versus skegs, which is better. Purest would argue that a well-designed kayak with a competent paddler shouldn’t need a rudder or maybe even a skeg. This may be so, but it certainly doesn’t address all of the issues. Each side has had their proponents and detractors, but as time has […]