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Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Safety around Victoria, BC

Stand up paddle boards can be a confusing paddle craft. Are they like surfboards or are they more like canoes? Apparently, they are both. When it comes to Transport Canada regulations for paddle boards the waters are a bit murky. We wanted to clear up a bit of the understanding around SUP safety and what you need to do to be safe and Transport Canada […]

Know before you go

Kayaking Preparedness: Know Before you Go

What you should know before you go Kayaking Ocean River encourages you to ‘Get out there’. To help you have an enjoyable and safe experience, consider the following tips before heading out on the water in your kayak. Learning the Right Skills It is important to have the skills to safely get out on the water in your kayak. Know what conditions you can paddle […]

sea kayaks for beginners

Sea Kayaks For Beginners

What to look for in a beginners sea kayak Buying a sea kayak can be a stressful process especially for a beginner. There are many things to consider before taking the plunge and buying a new boat. For a beginner kayaker, you want to think about a few key things: price, versatility, and safety or usability. Our recommendation to people is that you should buy […]

Kayaking the Seventy48 Race

Kayaking the Seventy48 Race

By: Russell Henry What It’s Like to Paddle 70 miles in 11 hours in the Seventy48 Recently the inaugural Seventy48 race went down in Washington State. Created by the Race to Alaska crew, this race was solely for human-power craft only – no sailing allowed. Starting in Tacoma at 5:30 pm and ending in Port Townsend at the same time two days later the race […]

arcteryx deciphering

Deciphering Arc’teryx

How to read Arc’teryx terminology and what each classification means We have all been there, blindly staring into the Arc’teryx section thinking to ourselves, what is an SK or an FL and what one do I need for multi-day coastal hiking. Not an FL or SK, that much we can tell you. Find out below what all the Arcteryx terms mean so that deciphering the […]