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exercises for kayakers

Exercises for the Kayaker

Minimizing Risk of Kayaking Injuries and Reducing Pain with Exercise for the Kayaker Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing: Helpful exercises for the kayaker have nothing to do with a kayak Kayaking is a great exercise on its own but if that is all you do you will feel yourself stiffening up and could find yourself injured. Kayaking involves repetitive […]

dehydrated camp food tips

Amazing Dehydrated Camp Food on a Budget

By Rebecca Grim How to make your own dehydrated camp food without breaking the bank I used to be the kind of camper who lived on protein bars and expensive instant food. I quickly became uninspired with the same pre-packaged meals and with the dwindling state of my bank account something had to change. I knew there must be a better way to camp for […]

baffled jacket care

Proper care for a Baffled Jacket

How to keep your Baffled, or puffy, jacket in great shape   We have all seen those baffled, or puffy quilt looking, winter jackets around town. Heck, you are probably the proud owner of one if you are reading this! They keep us warm and cozy and make for great pillows in a pinch. Proper care for a technical jacket is vital to its longevity […]

winter jacket on the west coast

How to pick a winter jacket for the west coast

What to look for in a winter jacket for the west coast It is that time of year again. The leaves are changing colours, the mornings are darker and the evenings shorter. Autumn is here on the west coast and it will not be long before winter has come as well. For some, this is the worst news they have heard all year. For others, […]

Are you ready to try Kayak Surfing?

By Lee Richardson Get Yourself Ready To Surf Beach Break Surfing in your kayak can seem like a distant and sometimes unattainable goal. How do you know when you are ready to take that first trip? Before you go out you will need to refine some surf strokes and your roll. You should have experience with launching and landing in the surf zone, a little […]