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Capsizes & Re-Entries

Capsizes & Re-Entries

If you’re like most new paddlers, you’ve probably wondered, “What happens if I tip over?” This universal concern is the reason we develope...


This clinic will teach you rolling—ultimate self-rescue technique—as well as give you renewed confidence in your braces and less concern for unant...
Enhance your Coaching

Enhance your Coaching

The aim of the Enhance your Coaching program is to develop a better understanding and application of the skills of coaching. This course includes addi...

About Ocean River

Located in Victoria, British Columbia on beautiful Vancouver Island, Ocean River is one of the premier speciality kayak and adventure companies in North America. Brian Henry, the founder & current owner, has been running Ocean River since 1981, and Ocean River continues to be recognised as one of the most significant outdoor/paddlesports instructional & tours provider in North America.

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