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hammock camping vancouver island

Why Hammocks Rock

Hammocks: the fun way to pack light and camp We all loved hammocks as a kid even though it wasn’t always easy to figure out how to get into them. Hammocks as shelter have recently taken off in western cultures although they have been around for a very long time. A hammock is a very versatile option to replace the conventional tent shelter for outdoor […]

what to wear kayaking

What to wear kayaking

What does appropriate clothing to wear kayaking look like? We all want to get out and enjoy the water without having to worry about the dangers or what-if’s that come along with being a paddler. There is something romantic about being able to spontaneously load up your kayak and launch into the ocean, onto a river, or into a lake to explore for the day. […]

sharks in bc

Sharks in British Columbia

Paddlers share the waters of BC with a number of amazing creatures, sharks are one seldom spoken about. These majestic creatures live in the waters we all enjoy as kayakers, canoers and paddleboarders. Sharks in BC may seem like a non-existent entity but they do exist, and in quite the variety. When many people think ‘sharks’ they think dark ominous figures gliding towards them in […]

Gore-Tex clothing care

How to care for Goretex

Proper maintenance and care for Goretex and other waterproof fabrics We all love our Goretex on the west coast – or should we say wet coast. There is always that fear, however, of being out on the trail when the rain kicks in and as you look down at your sleeve you notice some of the drops absorbing rather than beading up. So what can […]

Caretaker's Residence Ruins

A Paddle Trip to D’Arcy Island – Gulf Island National Park Reserve

A Kayaking Day Trip to D’Arcy Island What is commonly called D’Arcy Island is actually two islands lying about 3 1/2 nautical miles off the east coast of the Saanich Pennisula just north of Victoria. Big D’Arcy is the largest of the two at around 83 hectares and is now a part of the Gulf Island National Park Reserve containing 7 wilderness campsites with picnic […]