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How to care for Goretex

Proper maintenance and care for Goretex and other waterproof fabrics

water resistant clothing care

We all love our Goretex on the west coast – or should we say wet coast.

There is always that fear, however, of being out on the trail when the rain kicks in and as you look down at your sleeve you notice some of the drops absorbing rather than beading up.

So what can you do?

Your waterproof Goretex is actually relatively easy to maintain and care for with minimal effort and time.

Here’s the deal:

1. Read the care label

First thing is first; you have to listen to your garment. The tag will give you some directions on the specifics, make sure you follow these despite what any technical wash recommends.

2. Wash with Nikwax Tech Wash

Next step is to wash with the correct cleaning agent. Nikwax Tech Wash is specifically for Goretex, UIltrex, Entrant and eVent waterproof materials. Regular detergents can cause damage to high-performance waterproof fabrics. Follow the instructions on the bottle and make sure to add the technical cleaner into the laundry AFTER there is water.


3. Tumble Dry

If your garments tag allows it, tumble dry on low to complete the process.

These three steps will help revitalise the DWR, or durable water repellency, of your clothing which is all you need. How often you do this is dependent on how often you wear your garment, in what conditions you are in, and the garment’s quality itself.

What if you need to re-waterproof your clothing? If you notice that your Goretex or eVent need a more thorough treatment you will need TX.Direct from Nikwax. This treatment comes in a spray and a wash-in method. The wash-in method should not be used on waterproof jackets with moisture wicking liners.

2.5 Re-treat your garment

We suggest the spray-on TX.Direct from Nikwax. For this you will need to lay the garment on a protected work surface while it is still wet – after removing it from the wash with the Nikwax Tech Wash and before drying. The reason we suggest the spray is because often the inside of your waterproof garment has absorbent and wicking materials to pull the sweat away from your body and you do not want to make this water resistant. Once you have sprayed your garment down and allowed it to sit for 2 minutes you can tumble dry on low or air dry.

What about making something water resistant that is not water resistant to begin with?

If you wanted to make a garment more water repellant, that is not a waterproof garment already, you can do this to some degree. Wash with Tech Wash first and then wash with the TX. Direct Wash-In from Nikwax. To check to see if this will be effective on the garment you are thinking of come in and talk to one of our experts in store.

Base layer garments should never be treated with water repellency agents. As well, more porous materials and fabrics will loose repellency faster.

Gore-Tex clothing care

Now that you have your Gore-Tex all shiny and new and ready to take on the elements got out there for an adventure!

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  1. Ginette kosh says:

    Do you still sell the nikwax spray on?

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