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Paddling Route to Discovery Island Marine Park

Paddling Route to Discovery Island Marine Park

Route and Exploration of Discovery Island This spectacular paddling route takes you from the shores and stately homes of Oak Bay, crossing through the Chain Islets, to the Chatham Islands and Discovery Islands. This popular destination offers a true west coast paddling experience.  You will feel as though you are hundreds of miles away in the wilderness paddling around Discovery Island. Paddlers should be aware…
Footwear for Paddling

Footwear for Paddling

Choosing the Right Footwear for Comfort & Function when Paddling What to wear on your feet while paddling is going to depend a lot on the time of year and the weather conditions. You will find that every paddler has their own opinion about what is the “best” thing to wear on your feet. In fact, every time I am on a kayaking trip, this…
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We're located in Downtown Victoria and Oak Bay.
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Paddling to Discovery Island is on the top of a lot of paddlers lists. It is a beautiful escape from ...