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Why you need to wear sunglasses

How to find the right sunglasses, and why you need to get them TODAY

sunglasses in Victoria

We all think about sunglasses in the summer time when it is bright out and harder to see. Plus who doesn’t like finally getting to put on their sunglasses and walk outside to a bright summer day? Sunglasses, however, are such an important accessory that they should be worn year round.

We spoke with Family Eye Care in Victoria BC about the benefits of wearing Sunglasses and the potentially harmful effects of not wearing them and want to let you in on the importance of wearing sunglasses.

Cataracts and Retina Damage

It is well established that cataracts are caused as a result of UV light exposure but in the last few years, scientific discovery has also learned that retinal damage is caused by visible violet light damage – the largest and most obvious producer of visible violet light being the sun. Macular degeneration of the eye is also closely related to exposure to this type of light as well as other factors.



Pterygium is also called surfer’s eye but anyone can get it. It is a growth that can start in the whites and spread to affect vision. In early stages, it can start out as a smaller yellowish patch or bump on the white part of your eye and is called pinguecula.


Do you put sunscreen everywhere around your eyes? We didn’t think so. Did you know that skin cancer around the eye accounts for 5-10% off all skin cancer cases? Sunglasses can help protect this delicate skin around your eye as well as your eye itself


So now that we have scared you with what can happen let’s give you some solutions. There is only one: sunglasses. So what should you look for in a good pair?

We don’t want to scare you into blowing half of your paycheque on a pair of sunglasses as most sunwear in Canada is UV protected but there are definitely different qualities available on the market.

UVA/UVB Protection

You need to buy sunglasses that are marked as 100% UVA/UVB protection. Period.

Lens Colour

Most sunglasses come with brown, green or grey lenses. Brown is what you should be looking for. Brown lenses block more of these harmful violet rays than the other two lens colours.



Although not necessary, polarization can be a wonderful addition to sunglasses, especially if you are planning on being around the water. Polarization can protect your eyes from reflected lights and give the impression of a much clearer and crisper look because this helps to cut down on glare.

Anti-reflective coating

An anti-reflective coating on the inside of the lenses is vital. Light can bounce back onto the inside of your lenses and still allow harmful UV rays into your eyes. An anti-reflective coating on the inside can combat this by absorbing these rays so that they cannot bounce back into your eyes.


Although bigger is definitely better when it comes to sunglasses, you do not need to leave the house looking like a common house fly. They should fit well without touching your eyelashes and be fairly level with your brown line. Having the glasses curve slightly and wrap around to the side to protect is helpful but we aren’t suggesting you buy ski goggles. The most important thing is to get a comfortable pair you like the look of so that you wear them all the time.


UV light and violet light may not be as noticeable in the winter months when we are all hiding under our umbrellas but it is still there although it may seem duller and less noticeable UV light exposure is just as harmful in November as it is in July. It may not be trendy now to wear sunglasses in the winter but do us a favour and at least do it when you are commuting. Eventually, everyone is going to be wearing sunglasses in the rain, we just know it.

So now that you are convinced, get out there and buy that perfect pair of sun specs.



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