Top Five reasons we love Icebreaker Merino

Icebreaker Merino is a great clothing line. Here are the top five reasons why we love this brand.


Maybe you don’t know about Icebreaker Merino Wool yet. Maybe you’ve just heard about it but have not tried any yourself. Maybe you have tried it but don’t really know that much about the clothing. Well, we wanted to let you in on the top five reasons why we love Icebreaker and why it is the perfect pairing for our west coast weather and outdoor lifestyle.

Icebreaker Merino Wool Victoria BC

Photo courtesy of Icebreaker Fall/Winter 2014 line

1. Great for All Seasons

The thing about Icebreaker Merino Wool is that it thermoregulates. Which essentially means that it has the ability to keep its temperature within a set boundary. What the shirt’s job becomes is keeping the body it is surrounding at a comfortable temperature.

Merino sheep keep their wool throughout seasons so they have evolved to keep the air between the wool and their skin at the same general temperature, regardless of the temperature of the environment. What this allows the sheep to do is be warm in the winter and cool in the summer in harsh, fluctuating alpine terrain.

If it can do that for the sheep imagine what it can do for you.

Icebreaker Merino store in Victoria BC

Photo courtesy of Icebreaker Spring/Summer 2017 line

2. Keeps you dry even when you are wet.

We live in a pretty wet environment on the coast and that can be really difficult to insulate against. Not to mention being wet is just plain uncomfortable and can cause blisters when you think about your wet socks in your hiking boots.

Merino is a natural fiber with a scaly like surface that gives them a hydrophilic, or water holding, center and a hydrophobic outer layer, causing them to both absorb the water from your body as you sweat and wick it away at the same time. Couple this with its ability to regulate body temperature and even when wet it will keep you comfortable and warm – perfect for watersports, any activity that can cause you to sweat and our coastal climate.

Icebreaker Merino Victoria BC

Photo courtesy of Icebreaker Spring/Summer 2017 line

3. Odour resistant – We get to smell like sheep.

Smelling like a sheep might not sound great to you but Merino sheep have evolved so that predators would not be able to smell them in the high alpine – given the limited hiding places. Because of this, their wool is actually anti-microbial. What this basically means is that the organisms in your sweat that can attach to your clothes and cause bad odour cannot survive on the merino wool. This doesn’t mean you do not ever have to wash your clothing, it does mean you can get away with leaving it for a longer time. The length of time is dependant on the person.

Having a shirt you do not need to wash that often may not sound all that great, to begin with, but think of it this way: if you have to wash it less you can wear it more, meaning you need less clothing which is perfect for travelers or those who want to be more minimalist. In addition, washing your clothes is hard on them and so merino wool will last that much longer, even though Icebreaker is already extremely long lasting.

Icebreaker Victoria BC

Photo courtesy of Icebreaker Spring/Summer 2017 line

4. Technical advancements you would never have thought of.

Ok we cannot possibly get into them all but here are the short notes of a few we are super excited about:

Cool-lite is a blend of merino wool and eucalyptus which essentially gives you a garment perfect for summer or high body heat activities that will feel refrigerated on your skin.

Corespun is a nylon fiber wrapped in merino wool for added durability. This way you get a more durable garment that still has the softness of merino wool.

Technical design in socks Icebreaker has thought of everything in their clothing, all the way down to socks. You’ll notice that the heel portion doesn’t lay flat and seems to bubble up more than most socks, this is so that when it is on your foot the fabric is not stretched too thin and you do not lose the cushion needed in these places.

We could go on and on about the technical advancements that this clothing line has come out with or you could come in and ask us about it all.

Victoria BC outdoor clothing store

photo courtesy of Icebreaker Spring/Summer 2017 line

5. Our last point is also probably the most important one: The ethical and sustainable business practices of Icebreaker.

Icebreaker is a company that is putting the ethical treatment of the animals and their production practices to a standard we could all stand to emulate. Their auditing process means that the sheep must be ethically treated in every stage of their life and every aspect; from having enough space to remain healthy and happy to the annual single shearing process that must be as relaxing as a day at the spa. Icebreaker demands ethical treatment from their contracted farms or they do not pay the farms and do not take the wool

Do you want to be paid by Icebreaker? You play nice with your sheep.

Icebreaker breathes environmental and social responsibility from how their garments are designed and made, how the material is sourced and even the fact that, as a natural fiber, merino wool is biodegradable.

Icebreaker Merino Wool

Photo courtesy of Icebreaker on location farm imagery.

We love Icebreaker merino wool. Not just because it keeps us dry when we are wet, cool when we are hot, warm when we are cold or because they think about what our bodies need and where they need it, but because they do all of this without sacrificing what is truly important: morals.



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