Top 5 Christmas Gifts for the Paddler

By: Stephanie Brown

Last minute AWESOME Christmas gifts for the adventurous paddler on your list

If you know someone who hikes, paddles, mountain bikes, rock climbs, or even just majestically prances down forest trails, here are some awesome Christmas Gift ideas for you. This may be last minute but it will feel like you put a ton of thought in

1.WindPaddle Sails

This is perfect for the paddler on your list. These little sails attach to your kayak or sup and tow you along with wind power. There are two sizes available. The Scout is more suited to recreational paddling, inflatable craft, and sit on top type craft such as paddleboards. The Adventure model is more suited to the expedition kayak, single Canoe, fishing kayak and sit on top and recreational crafts as well. ‘Paddle like the wind’ just developed a whole new meaning.

windpaddle sail


The Perfect companion for any adventure. VSSL are compact, customizable survival lights with hollow chambers for important gear. From First Aid Kits to Flasks the VSSL has all of your most vital needs covered – they are even great zombie apocalypse preparation kits. Cut down on your weight by carrying something that has multiple uses.


3. Black Diamond remote charging station and lantern

The Moji Charging station is awesome, it’s a lantern that also charges your phone or other devices. You’ll never run out of music, or camera life, or other more important things that we can’t think of right now. Plus, it is a light so you can play cards by the lantern while your little speaker charges up in the background, talk about multi-use.

4. Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp

The Revolt headlamp by Black diamond is in a category all its own for headlamps. This powerful 300-lumen lamp is also rechargeable making it more environmentally friendly – talk about seeing the light. We forgot to mention, it is also WATERPROOF! Perfect for the adventurous paddler on your list.


5. Certificates for Adventure

Sometimes the best gifts we can give are the gifts of knowledge, memories and experiences. This Christmas give the paddler on your list the gift of a certificate for adventure. We are offering online purchases this year that can go towards courses, tours and rentals.  Get them out on the water exploring and learning with us – it’s like a gift for them and a gift for us, so thank you!

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