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Tillicum Safety Portage Beach

Hello and Happy New Year to all!

IMPORTANT.   Please distribute to all the paddlers you know… ESPECIALLY any who live in Esquimalt.  We need everyone to write and enthusiastically support Councillor Armour’s motion (see below) for the Tillicum Safety Portage Beach.
Deadline:  4:30 pm, Monday January 6.

Send emails to:
and copy to Councillor Armour…

THE MOTION:     THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That Township staff investigate options to achieve this capital project (including the possibility of using the McLouglin Amenity Funds) and bring back a report on options, costs (including maintenance costs) and timelines in addition to options to amend the parks master plan.

Please see the full details of Ken’s excellent and informative Notice of Motion here

Points to consider in your letter of support…
    • Esquimalt is in the middle of the loop, and this project addresses a major safety barrier for recreational paddlers
    • This is a safety issue.  Every year we have paddlers who capsize.   This puts safety on BOTH sides of the narrows.
    • The community survey showed that paddling access to the Gorge scored very high with residents
    • Tides and currents cannot be easily predicted; even slow moving currents can be hazardous to novice paddlers
    • A beach is both easy for paddlers to use AND excellent for ‘forage fish’ spawning  (environmental stewardship!)
    • View Royal has funded the Portage Trail ($185k); Victoria has directed staff to create two ‘fish forage’ paddling / swimming beaches
    • This is consistent and compatible with the McLouglin Amenity funding that Council has approved for Esquimalt Gorge Park
    • Promotes local businesses… more visitors, more patrons, and attracts young professionals to live, work and play.
    • The ramp could be designed for paddlers to lockup their kayaks and go patron the Gorge Pub
    • An excellent opportunity for indigenous consultation and recognition of both archeological values and the legend of Camosun

Even if you don’t live in Esquimalt, you will still visit and spend / patron the businesses who support / promote the Loop.

Let’s make this a unanimous Council decision.

Thanks everyone!


9 Responses to “Tillicum Safety Portage Beach”

  1. edward g. robinson says:

    As a frequent visitor from Salmon Arm and very likely
    moving to Victoria in the next short while.
    I always planned to kayak the Gorge and I believe the
    portage is a fine idea and look forward to being of some help to make it happen.
    I will be in Victoria early Feb. and will be in contact.

  2. don kelly says:

    Full support. Great opportunity.

  3. Don Radelet says:

    Such a great idea! Would love to come your way from up island to spend more time doing an actual return route….a huge draw!

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