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So the Newsletter, what is it and are we going to fill your inbox with useless promotional jargon? Short answer, no.

We have been sending out valuable Newsletters to our readers only ONCE A MONTH for quite some time. We are lucky to have very loyal subscribers who enjoy receiving their email for a few reasons:

  • They are paddlers (or learning to be paddlers) and look forward to the stories, tips and photos in the newsletter – sometimes they even submit them.
  • They enjoy getting the Newsletter’s specific deals and promotions
  • They get to know our staff so well that receiving our newsletter is more like getting an e-mail from a friend (as corny as that may sound)

So in short people sign up to get the deals but they stay because we promise not to bombard you with e-mails you do not want or need, we promise to keep it short and sweet, we promise to pick great pictures and fun stories and we promise to always give you a little reward for being one of our great readers!

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