S.S Goodtimes Party Boat

Available in Store


  The SS Goodtimes is the most reliable vessel in the fleet. It has been consistently offering Good Times to intrepid summer explorers since inception. Are you looking to grab life by the horns and stare it unblinking in the face and say “I captain my own vessel and it will bring me to the best of times”? If you answered yes, we bring you the S.S Goodtimes.   


  • Built-in 6 pack Cooler Pocket
  • Cupholder
  • Dual Handles
  • Supervalve
  • 5 Foot Lace for Tethering etc
  • Carabiner for Keys/Accessories
  • “Stay  Cool” Detachable 6 pack Cooler Bag

We do not include the air to inflate, that’s on you. 

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