NRS Fuse Gloves

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The Fuse neoprene gloves from NRS are the perfect fit for a cool paddle. The 1 mm neoprene provides added warmth and the snug fit provides great dexterity so that you do not loose any maneuverability. The  heat-reflecting titanium in the fabric helps to keep your hands even warmer on cool paddling days.  With the silicone grip on the palms you can feel reassured that your paddle is not going to slip right through your gloved hands. 


 Weight: 3 oz 

 Wrist Closure: Fitted cuffs 

 Seams: Single needle with high tenacity thread 

 Size             Width              Length

XXS               2 3/4″                    6″

XS                     3″                       6 1/2″

S                      3 1/4″                   7″

M                     3 1/2″                7 1/2″

L                      3 3/4″                7 3/4″

XL                    4″                         8″

XXL               4 1/2″                 8 1/2″ 

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