North Water 4-Bailer

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  Transport Canada requires you to have a louder than voice device, a minimum of 15m of buoyant heaving line, a bailing device along with your PFD, a reboarding device, and navigation lights when paddling in low light conditions. This handy little system has 3 of your requirements in one place – plus a handy reflector strip for increased visibility!  

A 1 Liter bailing pouch is attached to the side of the tow rope pouch. The front of the bailing bucket features a Hi-Viz strip for added reflection and a pealess whistle has been built right into the buckle. This handy 4 in one device will save you a lot of hassle searching around for all your required gear while out on the water.   

Multi-use for the win. 


  • 50 feet of Polypro; 800lbs tensile strength throw line
  • Transport Canada Approved
  • 1 L bailing pocket
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