Nikwax Hardshell Care Duo

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 Get the hard-shell duo package for all your waterproofing needs. The Duo-pack from Nikwax gives you the Tech Wash technical cleaner and the TX. Direct wash in waterproofing treatment required to clean and treat your wet weather clothing.  

Tech Wash is a soap-based technical cleaner that cleans your garments without damaging the DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating. DO NOT USE REGULAR DETERGENTS ON YOUR WET WEATHER GEAR. 

 If you are finding your Gore-Tex, or similar, gear not beading up like usual and you think it needs a bit of a push wash it with TX. Direct after cleaning it with a cleaner like Tech Wash. This treatment will optimize the performance of your gear and restore breathability without damaging the water repellency properties of the item.  

Now you can buy both together in this handy packaged duo.   

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