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Mustang Classic Child PFD



The Mustang Classic Child PFD is durable, versatile and built to handle all of your family’s boating needs. Perfect for taking your kids fishing, sailing or playing at the lake. This PFD features an adjustable waist belt and crotch strap for a secure fit, a head cushion to cradle the head in the water and a safety grab strap for ease of rescue.

Sizing Chart       

Size          Chest        Chest                  Weight               Weight   

INFANT    18″ – 20″    46cm – 50cm    20lbs – 30lbs    9kg – 14kg   

CHILD     21″ – 24″    53cm – 60cm    30lbs – 60lbs   14kg – 27kg   

YOUTH    24″ – 29″    60cm – 74cm    60lbs – 90lbs    27kg – 41kg       

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