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Go Foil Kai/Iwa Surf Foil Set



This is the Double Surf Package with the Kai front and back wing, Iwa front wing and Maliko back wing, interchangeable mast and fuselage.

General Specs

• Mast: 24 1/2″

• Fuselage: 24 1/2″

Kai 120 – the original surf wing that began the foiling revolution, perfect for aggressive turning.  This is the ideal wing for prone surf foiling in all conditions and SUP foiling in medium to large waves.  Designed for riders up to 210 lbs to be used with SUP, surfboards, wakefoiling and kiting in light winds.


• Front Wing: 24″

• Stabilizer: 16″

Iwa 170 – Go Foil’s middle sized and most versatile surf-wing has a larger surface area than the Kai.  The performance characteristics of the Kai are maintained with sensitive yet  aggressive turning capabilities with a little more stability.  The Iwa is perfect as an all-round wing designed to excel in the surf yet enable serious downwinders enough lift to glide the open ocean bumps.


• Front Wing: 31″

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