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Current Designs Prana Low Volume Kayak

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The Prana is the product of collaboration between Current Designs and Danish designer Jesper Kromann-Anderson. It’s designed to be versatile, being at home in the surf, rock gardening and on calm seas. This kayak is one of the few Current Designs boats that have a hard chine, giving the small beamed Prana a surprising amount of initial stability. The moderate rocker allows the boat to track well and still be very maneuverable. Both fore and aft day hatches and fore and aft large hatches cover all your storage needs with an ease of access.

Current Designs’ fibreglass laminate is vacuum-bagged, allowing them to select and place reinforcing materials for optimum strength and stiffness without adding unnecessary weight. The result is the renowned Current Designs crafting and performance characteristics with a beautiful composite finish.

This is the Low Volume (Lv) version, also available in High Volume (Hv).


Weight: 52 lbs

Overall Length: 17′ 0″ (518.16cm)

Width: 21.00″ (53.34cm)

Depth: 11.25″ (28.6 cm)

Cockpit Size:

Length: 32.00″ (81.28cm)

Width: 16.50″ (41.91cm)

Bow Hatch:

Length: 9.50″ (24.13cm)

Width: 9.50″ (24.13cm)

Volume: 19.00Gal. (71.82L)

Day Hatch:

Length: 8.00″ (20.32cm)

Width: 8.00″ (20.32cm)

Volume: 11.00Gal. (41.58L)

Stern Hatch:

Length: 17.50″ (44.45cm)

Width: 10.00″ (25.4cm)

Volume: 22.00Gal. (83.16L)

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