Blundstones 068 Chisel Toe

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Ah the classic chisel toe in black. Some things truly are perfection and need not be improved upon. The Blundstones 068 chisel toe boot in black is one of those things. A boot that truly can go from a walk in the woods to a casual cocktail lounge. This versatile and stylish shoe has got it all. 


Size Guide

US size                  Aus size 

   5                                 2 

  5.5                            2.5

  6                                  3

  6.5                            3.5

  7                                  4

  7.5                            4.5

  8                                  5

  8.5                           5.5

  9                                 6

9.5                              6.5

10                                7

10.5                           7.5 

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