2019 Starboard Hypernut Foil 4-In-1 7’4

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The HYPER NUT 4IN1 is heavier by approximately 300g than the Hyper Nut Foil as it has more foot strap inserts and the mast track box. The Foil box on the 4in1 is positioned further back by on average 6.5 cm to accommodate both Wind Foiling and SUP Foiling. Available in only Starlite construction.  If you’re into foiling of all persuasions, this is the board for you.

The 7’4 x 30 combines short length for precise trim control of the foil with stability from the wide tail and width. Suited for lighter and more advanced riders.

The Starboard Starlite construction features parabolic carbon innegra rails for extra strength & scratch resistance. The 3 x glass T-stringers offer additional durability and protect against total breakage. Starlite construction now uses a custom engineered water-based dye and resin swirl optic to reduce PU paint, reduce paint chips and provides a custom look for each board.

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