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We are working our hardest to “get you out there” and experience the amazing paddling we have all around us. We hope these links will provide the information and knowledge to get you out there. Thanks to the hard work of dedicated paddlers we are lucky to have one of the best communities in the world for paddlers of all types. Whether it be touring off of Sidney, day paddles off Oak Bay, braving the West Coast, or surfing at Jordan River, there is so much water to be explored and played upon.

So have at it! Choose your location, check the tides and currents, find your put-in, check the weather, and get out there!

BC Marine Trails Network– put-ins and location info
South Island Sea Kayak Association
Van Isle Whitewater Paddling Society
Victoria Canoe and Kayak Club

paddling resources for Vancouver Island

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We're located in Downtown Victoria and Oak Bay.
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