Gordon Brown Sea Kayak Centre of Excellence

The centre is the next chapter for Gordon as a sea kayak coach, drawing on his experience and based on his philosophy that everyone has the potential to achieve more and that a creative and supportive environment can lay the foundations for the greatest advances in personal development. He values the importance of taking time to reflect and learn from the experience. His most rewarding experiences are when helping someone else achieve their potential.

If we look at the literal meaning of ‘Centre of Excellence’ it is this: A place where the highest standards are maintained. It has been described as an entity that provides leadership, best practice, research, support and/or training for a focus area.

So yes the centre will provide, at the highest standard, excellence in:- Development, Coaching, Leadership, Mentorship, Training, Assessment, Certification and Performance. BUT it is for everyone, from those who have little experience wanting to enjoy sea kayaking safely on calm days to experienced paddlers wishing to fine-tune their skills and expand their comfort zones in more challenging conditions.

Already there are a number of courses available to book now. In particular we plan to develop Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown to suit the needs of every paddler with courses for different level of abilities and variable length. We are also working on providing a schedule of British Canoeing awards. If you are interested in any of the courses or just want more details contact us on adventure@oceanriver.com

Book on one of the courses to discover for yourself why we are thrilled to have Gordon on our team at Ocean River.

“A few comments about Gordon ”

‘A world class coach who is committed to helping you learn your way, to accomplish your goals yet push you beyond your limit if you are comfortable with that.’

‘Fantastic coach & presenter. So much experience and data to back up his written work. He’s funny too!’

Above are reviews on Gordon’s Facebook page – Sea Kayak Coach



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