Kayaking to Discovery Island

Amy’s Top 10 Highlights of her solo Kayaking trip to Discovery Island

Kayaking Discovery Island is an awesome adventure with easy access via Oak Bay Marina. The little island is rich in natural beauty, wildlife, and history. A relatively short paddle, this is a great adventure for an experienced kayaker. The currents through Haro Straight can change quickly and are too much for a novice paddler to take on without a skilled kayak guide.

  1. 10.) Paddling through the narrow channels and shallow pools of the Chatham Islands.
  2. 9.) Having the whole island to myself!
  3. 8.) Reading an entire book while enjoying a glass of red wine on the beach.
  4. 7.) Walking out to Sea Bird Point, witnessing the effects of time on the historic lighthouse, and watching the Black Oyster Catchers, Glaucous-winged Gulls, and Pigeon Guillemots dance on the rocks in the light breeze.
  5. 6.) Geeking out with my plant book, identifying the vast number of wild-flowers on the island.
  6. 5.) Witnessing the trails through the grass created by the Island’s lone resident wolf.
  7. 4.) Watching the storm clouds over the Olympic Mountains and Oak Bay, while basking in the sunny oasis of the island.
  8. 3.) Listening to the pounding wind and rain on my tent while curled up nice and warm in my sleeping bag at night.
  9. 2.) Coffee in the morning while watching the sunrise.
  10. 1.) Turning off my phone for 24 hours.

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If you are interested in checking out Discovery Island for a day with a guide, check out our Discovery Island Tour.

For more detailed information on planning a paddling trip to Discovery Island, check out our posts: Planning a Trip to Discovery Island  and Paddling Route to Discovery Island Marine Park

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