Gear Review: Sweet Protection Intergalactic Drysuit

Gear Review by Russell Henry: Sweet Protection Intergalactic Drysuit, in blue.

I have been wearing the Sweet Protection Intergalactic Drysuit this fall/winter. I am currently working on a project where I am searching out new and unpaddled rivers on the north end of Vancouver Island which means I am not only paddling, but also bushwhacking and sometimes living in my drysuit in the rain. I’ve been wearing it for the last few weeks now and absolutely love it.
Other than the obvious question of does it keep me dry (yes, it does) here are some cool things I like about the suit! Check out my Intergalactic Drysuit review below.

intergalactic dry suit

The Intergalactic Drysuit at work

Velcro isn’t just for elementary school children

The Velcro ankle cuffs are wicked. Compared to some other drysuits out there, Sweet’s are just way stronger and wider which means they stay done up and feel bomber.

Zipper placement

The zipper across the chest is pretty unique and seems to work great. I haven’t quite figured out the benefits of its locale but I haven’t found any negative ones either so, therefore, I like it! It seems nice and easy to zip up.


I also really like the colour and look of the suit. Look good, feel good, are good, right?

intergalactic suit sweet protection

Planning out a route, it is great on land AND in the water.

One downside

The one negative thing I have for this suit is the neck gasket wasn’t as tight as I was expecting. In past experiences with new dry suits or dry tops the neck gasket has always been so tight that I need to either cut a ring off the top, stretch it out with a ball, or just suck it up and feel a little choked the first few times wearing it. This suit was perfect right when I got it which means it has stretched out to be just a teeny bit too big. This would be great if I were sea kayaking but, as a whitewater paddler, I really appreciate a tight neck seal. This could also have to do with me getting a size large rather than a medium… I was right on the size border of the two.

When the day comes to an end though, I am warm, dry, and stoked on my Intergalactic drysuit.


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