Top Gift ideas for the Paddler

Don’t know what to get the paddler on your list for Christmas? We can help with that.

Whether you are looking to get that one perfect large ticket item or fill a stocking with goodies we have the low down on what the paddler in your life is dreaming about for Christmas. Hint: it’s not sugarplums.

Big item list

1) A new paddle


It’s always a good idea to have a second paddle on hand. We recommend having a good quality paddle that you use all the time as well as a second paddle. This second paddle is the ‘in case of emergency’, or spare paddle. When you are out at sea if something goes amiss this second paddle can be the difference between you floating helplessly, as your only paddle drifts further away, and striking out to retrieve your paddle with your spare paddle.

If the paddler in your life has one but not the other then getting them their second paddle is a great holiday gift idea. Maybe they already have their good paddle and you can be the one to get them a breakdown spare paddle. Or perhaps they have not splurged on themselves to get a really nice paddle yet and you can surprise them with the gift of quality.

2) A hammock


We could try to convince you about why hammocks are great but honestly you probably already know. There is something about being able to float suspended between two, hopefully weight-bearing, objects that makes you feel as though you have gotten away from it all.

Just some of the great things about hammocks on the trail are the fact that they are light-weight and breathable. Quick dry nylon materials are great for our moist coastal climate as well.

You can even winterize a hammock, just ask us in store about this.

3) VHF Radio


We don’t want to get too dark here so we will just say this: you need a VHF radio because all paddlers, to our knowledge, are mortal. To put it bluntly, dying is a legitimate concern and having a way to call for help should be a top priority when you are out somewhere where your 3G can’t follow.

4) Helmet


Safety may not seem like a fun gift to give at Christmas time but, unlike the rest of us, safety never takes a holiday. Keep those noggins from knocking on a rock while plunging through some white water, or ocean surf landings, and put a helmet on your Christmas “to-get” list for your special paddler.

5) A new boat or board


This may seem like a big item but let us ask you this: how good have you been this year?

All kidding aside, we do still have some wicked deals in our clearance store. Nothing says we love you like a joint gift of a new kayak.

If you buy an inflatable board or kayak it will even fit under the tree!

Stocking Stuffers

1) Pogies


Does the paddler on your list paddle in cooler temperatures? Pogies are a great idea because you don’t need to know what glove size they are. These handy (did you see what we did there?) little contraptions secure around the shaft of the paddle and make little warm pockets for your hands to slid into.

2) Headlamp


If you have a friend or loved one who is a paddler they need a headlamp. This is an item that gets used in so many scenarios, night paddling, camping, trying to find something in the dark recesses of your closet, no matter what you are doing having well-lit conditions makes things far more enjoyable, not to mention safe.

3) Backpacking stove


When you are travelling in a kayak you have to learn to utilise space efficiently. Backpacking stoves are handy little camping stoves, perfect for the adventurer in your life. Whether your friend is an avid camper, an expedition kayaker or just someone who wants to be able to make mulled wine majestically on the beach after a short 20-minute walk, a portable stove is a great gift idea.

4) Wetsuit/drysuit cleaner


A good wetsuit or drysuit is a very important investment and chances are that the paddler in your life put some serious thought into finding theirs. It is important that proper care be taken to keep them in great shape both inside and out so that they stand the test of time. Help the paddler in your life take care of the items that take care of them by putting wetsuit or drysuit cleaner in their stocking this year.

5) 303 lubricant


The paddler in your life isn’t the only one who needs some UV protection, their equipment does too. So here is the 101 on 303; this stuff is great for protecting rubber hatches on equipment, drysuit gaskets and any natural rubbers or plastics on equipment. Anything that you know will wear in the sun and break down, especially natural rubber products, can benefit from a little TLC with some 303.

6) New Cam Straps


How do you transport a kayak or paddle board any sizable distance? If you answered on a car you are right. To safely transport a boat or board you have to strap it to the vehicle and a cam strap is far easier to use and safer for the boat or board than a ratchet strap. Cam even sounds safer than ratchet.

7) Dry Bags


Dry bags are like the paddler equivalent of socks, you can really just never have enough. Dry bags have a tendency of wearing out over time as well and should be replaced.

Think of the song from the little mermaid where she sings about all the trinkets she has collected, if the paddler in your life does not have enough dry bags to finish a song about dry bags they do not have enough dry bags.

8) Zipper Lube


This is great for keeping your dry suit working correctly. If you do not lubricate your zippers regularly they can seize while in storage. Taking proper care of your zippers keep them waterproof as well. Healthy zippers are happy zippers and happy zippers need lube.

9) Saxx underwear


Ok, if dry bags are the socks of the paddle world then Saxx are the underwear. They are actually underwear. If the paddler on your list is over the age of 15 chances are pretty good they are looking forward to getting underwear for Christmas and Saxx are the Cadillac of underwear for men. Remember the saying: always wear clean underwear just in case you get hit by an ocean bus.

10) Merino Wool Socks


With all this talk about socks lets not forget socks themselves. Merino is where it is at. The thing about Merino wool is that it has thermoregulatory properties keeping you at a good comfortable temperature. It is also great at wicking moisture away and unlike other wool based products merino wool is very soft and won’t irritate the skin. Merino has antimicrobial properties keeping it smelling great for longer and on top of it all they are extremely durable. Let’s give the gift of warm, dry, good-smelling and happy feet for the holidays this year.

As a bonus gift idea we thought we would throw in something that is both a big gift and a stocking stuffer:

The always versatile Gift card.

A gift card is a great gift and the most versatile of the bunch. Give the paddler in your life the control to choose their own gift the only limit is the amount you decide on.

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