Donation Requests – Ocean River Adventures is proud to support our community.

We are proud to have donated thousands of dollars each year in cash and in kind to worthy causes within our community. Programs are supported in the areas of health, education, arts, culture, with special priority given to the environment and youth initiatives. Due to the volume of requests received, we ask that all requests be submitted through our website. All requests will be reviewed monthly and only those approved will be contacted.

If you would like us to donate to your cause, please copy the following text, paste it into the body of an email, and then fill in the blanks. This can then be sent to

Contact Information

*Organization Name:

*Contact Name:


*City:                                      Province:




Event Information

*Describe the charity and identify the impact the donation will make:




*Describe the event and identify the date and location:




*How many people are expected to  attend the event?

*How many attended the event last year?

*Describe the marketing opportunities for O.R.A:


Identify where, how, and when donators are promoted:


*Describe how the prize will be used. Examples: door prize, silent auction, or live auction:


*Please identify any additional information that may better your organizations chance of being selected:

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We're located in Downtown Victoria, Oak Bay, and Saturna Island.
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