Ocean River has the best Boxing Week deals for you to get the gear you need to be the adventurer you are.

We all love the beautiful outdoors but we all get out there differently and need different gear. Some of us are paddlers, while others are mountain bikers. Some of us live for the ski hills while others dream of more time spent hiking our coastal trails. Some call themselves adventures, others nature enthusiasts. No matter how you get out there you need the right gear. Ocean River will have the best deals on the gear you need to be the adventurer you are this boxing week.

1824 Store street – Clearance Store Location

The clearance store is still open but not for much longer. Soon this store will disappear forever, gone like the year 2016. There are still great deals in store on all discontinued and last season’s items. Don’t miss out. Take advantage this boxing week of discounts on clothing and footwear. Get 40% off the regular price of your first item, 50% off the regular price if you buy two items and 60% off the regular price if you buy 3 or more items. Don’t miss out on other great deals on boats, paddles and paddling gear. Starting December 27th, 2016 at 11 am.

1630 Store Street – New Store Location

As for the new store you can enjoy up to 20% off selected clothing and up to 25% off selected footwear. Some of these brands hardly¬†ever go on sale! It’s time to start the new year off right by making a pledge to yourself to get out there more often. Starting December 26th, 2016 at 10 am.

Part of getting out there is being safe, comfortable and prepared for any adventure you find yourself on and the right gear can be the difference between enjoying the great outdoors and ending up cold, miserable and unprepared.

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