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Kayak Theft: Prevention Goes a Long Way!

Kayak Theft: Prevention Goes a Long Way!

How to Securely Lock Up Your Kayak Who would steal a kayak?  At least not here in BC and for sure, not on Vancouver Island! The sad reality is that kayak theft is no longer a “big, bad city” phenomenon. Kayaks are being stolen all over BC, including Vancouver Island, and not only in larger urban centers like Vancouver, Victoria or Nanaimo. We don’t often…
Kayak Rescue GoesRight

Kayak Rescue GoesRight

Kayak rescue saves kayaker’s life On a sunny day In early November  Jim Cliff decided to go kayaking out to Discovery Island, just off our beautiful Oak Bay shoreline.   Jim had kayaked before, had practiced self-rescue skills and had the gear needed for a day on the water or at least he thought he had. Jim came to Ocean River to rent a kayak.  Having…
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