Sea Kayak Safety & Rescue with Gordon Brown


The ability to be able to rescue yourself, and others, is key within sea kayaking.

On the course you will learn:

Balance fun and games; Posture to develop balance; Emptying a swamped kayak; Using a paddle float to increase your stability; A variety of methods to empty your kayak in deep water and of getting back into your kayak; How to stabilize your kayak as you pump it out; Safely rescuing a fellow paddler.

Basic self rescue skills are necessary for this program.




“I did the rough water course this past week with Gordon Brown. What an absolute pleasure to spend time on the water learning from an expert. We had 3 experienced paddlers as learners with collective experience of about 30 years of paddling and all of us took away MULTIPLE tricks, tips and improvements from this course. I am continually blown away by the caliber of the people we have teaching kayaking here in Victoria and by how lucky we are to learn from some of the best in the world. I am looking forward to finding the time to do some of the other courses that Gordon offers as I continue to unlearn bad habits picked up over the years and replace them with much more efficient options”.



Starting with balance games and fun exercises will increase your comfort levels while on, and in, the water. The progression will take you through various self-rescue techniques and by the end of the day you will be able to empty your kayak and perform several of these safely, confidently and efficiently.

We will then introduce group rescues in a progressive manner, allowing development time as we go along. We will explore: communication, securing the kayak and casualty, manoeuvring the kayak, emptying the kayak as well as a multitude of ways to allow the casualty to get back in to their kayak. By the end of this day, you will have sufficient knowledge and skills to allow you to perform a quick, efficient rescue in rough water.



Waiver/Medical Forms

Please review the following form prior to your program. Please sign/initial the form in the presence of your instructor/guide, who will act as your witness.

Ocean River Sports Waiver (PDF)

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