Rough water and tidal paddling with Gordon Brown


Paddling in rough water, caused by wind, swell or tidal currents, is great way to develop your paddling skills.During this course, you will learn the following:

Developing efficiency and effectiveness; Strokes to use in rough water; Turning techniques into skills; What makes the water rough; Different types of rough water and how to read what is happening.


Excellent workshop, thank you. Gordon doesn’t give personal feedback as one has come to expect from other providers. Rather, it seems, he asks questions of the participants or provides a challenge and they find their way to the technique. This is an appropriate adult learning approach!

This program complemented other instruction that Gordon has given me. It seated me in my kayak with better balance and awareness of what my body is doing during the implementation of various strokes and series of strokes. The practice sessions cemented my capacity to conceptualize a stroke to my ability to implement it.



There are a few prerequisites for this course. You should be comfortable paddling in small waves and have a working brace as well as basic manoeuvring skills, you should also have completed a wet exit in cold water. The ability to rescue and be rescued would be a benefit. Having a wetsuit or drysuit will allow you to spend more time in the learning zone.

Waiver/Medical Forms

Please review the following form prior to your program. Please sign/initial the form in the presence of your instructor/guide, who will act as your witness.

Ocean River Sports Waiver (PDF)


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