Cabbage-Tumbo Islands Kayak Adventure


Cabbage Island Marine Park is part of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve and boasts some of the most beautiful shoreline in all of the Gulf Islands. The 4.5 hectare island, known for its sandy shoreline, Arbutus trees, and Douglas Fir trees, feels more tropical than temperate. Cabbage Island offers some of the most intact wetland vegetation remaining on any of the Gulf Islands.

We will also visit Tumbo Island, which has spectacular subtidal sea life, particularly along the cliffy southern shoreline. Look below for sea stars and some of the largest sea urchins you’ll see anywhere in the Gulf Islands. Binoculars are a must as the island is also an important nesting site for Black Oystercatchers and Bald Eagles!

Check out this blog that was written about the area:

If this is your group’s first time on Saturna Island, the ferry schedules can be tricky to navigate. We are more than happy to help arrange your ferry schedule for you to best accommodate this tour! If you don’t see a time or date that works, contact us to arrange your own time or date!

As Saturna Island is such a beautiful place, we highly recommend staying overnight to explore the island. If you are in need of accommodation, we are more than happy to suggest accommodation for all travellers and budgets!

For Spanish speakers – check out a video of our Saturna tours below!


This trip begins at the Saturna Island Kayak Shack (next to the ferry terminal), where you will be greeted by one of our experienced guides. The tour includes transportation aboard our 36ft landing craft, The Salish Sea Explorer, to pass safely through Boat Passage to Cabbage and Tumbo Islands. The tour includes kayaking, hiking and a complimentary lunch.

Provided by Ocean River Sports:

  • Transportation to Cabbage/Tumbo 
  • Lunch
  • All kayaks and equipment
  • Professional, fun, knowledgeable and local guides
  • Everything you can think of – big and small – that makes your experience with us feel comfortable and complete!
Equipment List

Please read the following equipment list carefully, as it indicates what you will need to bring with you to help ensure you enjoy a comfortable tour.

Ocean River Sports stocks many of the items listed below. If you need advice or would like to purchase gear, please visit us or check out our online store!

Cotton keeps you cold when it’s wet, and takes a long time to dry. If possible, bring clothing designed for outdoor wear and made from Merino (wool), silk, or synthetic materials, such as polyester, polypropylene, or nylon.

  • Eyeglass retainer strap if you wear glasses
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen
  • A broad-brimmed sun/rain hat
  • Clothing like you might wear for a short hike (dress in appropriate layers depending, on the weather). Bring a light rain jacket on days when there is a chance of rain.
  • Low-heeled shoes
  • Water and snack (optional)
  • A watertight plastic bag for electronics (optional)
  • A camera (optional)
  • Binoculars (optional)


Waiver/Medical Forms

Please review the following form prior to your program. Please sign/initial the form in the presence of your instructor/guide, who will act as your witness.

Ocean River Sports Waiver (PDF)

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