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Saturna Island Sea Kayaking Outpost

Experience the beauty of the Southern Gulf Islands by kayak, at our Saturna Island Outpost! Departing from Boot Cove, tours often paddle past majestic sandstone rock galleries, and might see nesting sea birds, soaring eagles, or seals resting on rocky outcrops. Tours depart within walking distance from the ferry and are timed appropriately for day-travelers coming from Vancouver Island.

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Saturna Island has multiple incredible areas to explore for kayak and canoe tours:

King Islets

Wildlife: Enthusiasts will find a variety of Ducks and Gulls frequent the beach area but we also have bald eagles, great blue heron, and various jays.

Botany: Saturna Island is home to abundant variety of rare wild-flowers and plants.

Veruna Bay

Rest Areas: The sandy beaches in this bay are great for a swim & rest.

Learn: Going for an interpretive walk at Saturna Beach can be a great experience.

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