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Types of Rough Water Winter Paddling

Types of Rough Water Winter Paddling

Rough Water types of Winter Paddling When it comes to winter paddling the options are endless, but one thing stands out about winter better than any other season: rough water paddling. Winter Paddling is not for the faint of heart. The water is colder and there is often more of it, which means a lot of movement to navigate. For those adventurers who don’t want…
Paddling on Vancouver Island

Paddling on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island: A Paddling Paradise In the vast expanse of Canada sits a hidden gem: Vancouver Island. This island on the west coast of Canada has started to gain some serious interest in the tourism sphere for its natural beauty, rugged and mysterious coastline, historic cities and cultures, and abundant wildlife. People flock to this island from all over the world for the west coast…
Top 5  Vancouver Island Multi-Day Paddling Trips

Top 5 Vancouver Island Multi-Day Paddling Trips

Multi-day paddling trips on Vancouver Island to add to your “to-do” list After Canada 150, where everyone flocked to our beautiful country to discover why we were voted the best place to visit in 2017, it is time we got back to our adventurous roots. Canada was discovered up close and personal, from the historic uses of the kayak and canoe by the indigenous people…
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