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Rudders or Skegs?  Which Way to Turn?

Rudders or Skegs? Which Way to Turn?

The Rudder Versus Skeg Debate, Is One System Better? There has always been a debate surrounding rudders versus skegs, which is better?  Purests would argue that a well-designed kayak with a competent paddler shouldn’t need a rudder or maybe even a skeg. This may be so, but it certainly doesn’t address all of the issues. Each side has had their proponents and detractors, but as…
Flares – Obsolete or Still a Good Idea?

Flares – Obsolete or Still a Good Idea?

Should You Carry Flares When Paddling? This question often comes up, do you need to carry flares with you, especially with many paddlers now carrying cell phones, VHF radios, PLB’s and satellite messengers? In fact, the Transport Canada Small Boating Regulations don’t require you to carry any kind of visual signaling device unless you are in a boat over 6m in length, (many double kayaks),…
The Uchuck – A Novel Way to Reach the Remote West Coast

The Uchuck – A Novel Way to Reach the Remote West Coast

Kayaking from Kyuquot to Nootka Sound One of my favourite Vancouver Island kayaking trips is from the tiny fishing village of Kyuquot, nestled in a protected harbour in Kyuquot Sound, down the coast to Friendly Cove (Yuquot) in Nootka Sound. What makes a destination like this so special is its remoteness.  What makes this trip particularly unique and special is using the Uchuck III to…
Footwear for Paddling

Footwear for Paddling

Choosing the Right Footwear for Comfort & Function when Paddling What to wear on your feet while paddling is going to depend a lot on the time of year and the weather conditions. You will find that every paddler has their own opinion about what is the “best” thing to wear on your feet. In fact, every time I am on a kayaking trip, this…
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